Research Profile of the SFU Faculty of Law

In its research strategy, the Faculty of Law strives for a broad range of approaches while at the same time focusing on the depth of the respective jurisprudential research topics. This refers to national, supranational and international legal research as well as to the implementation of both disciplinary and interdisciplinary research projects. The research of the Faculty of Law comprises both basic legal research dealing with the theoretical, philosophical and sociological foundation of legal principles and of legal science as a whole, as well as  application-oriented research connecting legal science with legal. This approach ensures capturing the dynamics of laws in the 21st century and make them subject to systematic and analytical scrutinity by legal sciences. In this sense, the faculty envisions itself a driving force for high-quality national, European and international research. Particular emphasis is put on cooperating with the SFU’s other faculties at the interdisciplinary interface law – humanities – science. Through increased interdisciplinary cooperation, a significant mutual contribution can be achieved in the context of research projects through the involvement of law in the field of medicine, psychology and psychotherapy sciences. For the Faculty of Law, the know-how of the other faculties of SFU is an important resource used to achieve excellence in international law research.