The study of law at Sigmund Freud Privat University was accredited in spring 2016 and is designed as a Bologna degree programme. The Master’s degree opens the way to all legal professions for which a law degree at an Austrian university is required. The future graduates are supervised by teachers with first-class professional and didactic qualifications and practical experience. The work in small groups and the coordination of teaching enable teaching and learning achievements of special intensity and quality. From the very beginning, students are familiarized with the relationship between “law in the book” and “law in action” and are thus introduced to the validity and impact of law.

Knowledge transfer goes hand in hand with the development of law in its normative dimensions and embedding in historical and current operational contexts in business and society. Particular emphasize is put on the international dimensions of legal relations and to the dimension of conflictavoidance in law-related communication. Encounters with law are not presented, perceived and processed as a mere transmission of knowledge, but as a mental challenge. In this way, the mission of the study programme to provide both academically influenced and practice-oriented professional preparation is taken into account.