Main research areas

1 foundations of law
The starting point of research is basic research, which deals with the fundamental questions of law, (legal) science and its method. Current research projects are in the area of fundamental and human rights, the relationship between state and religion, and basic research and methodology in private law.

2 Interaction of Theory and Practice in Law
The interface between theory and practice is of particular importance. This refers to application-oriented research that examines the legal foundations of actual socio-political issues. Current focal points include labor law, tort law, the rule of law, and commercial law.

3 The Law of the Future/The Future of Law
For the Faculty of Law, the societal challenges of digitalization represent an important topic that no university or faculty (in the legal field) can ignore. For example, research focuses on data protection and technology law, the law of digitalization and automation, and artificial intelligence.

4 Health and law
In the context of interfaculty cooperation, the boundaries between health and law plays are of particular interest. Research projects have been established in medical criminal law and victim protection law, mediation and the legal framework for the situation of patients.

5 Comparison of legal systems
Domestic law as well as legal sciences have become increasingly interconnected in recent decades. Interdependencies between national and international law are analyzed as well as comparative legal perspectives between different national legal systems. Research projects can be found, for example, in private international law, comparative law, and comparative constitutional law.

6 scientific research
Another research focus is in the area of science research. The research focus serves the self-reflexive investigation of the framework conditions of university research and teaching. In this context, particular importance is attached to the law of universities, the framework conditions of research, and the didactics of law.