Joint Research

Since spring 2020, the Faculty of Law has been involved in the research project “JUDICON-EU”, which is a joint research project with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
of Sciences. “JUDICON-EU” is an international comparative research project that aims to capture the diversity of judicial decisions and measure their strength.

Current cooperations

Since June 2021, there has been a research cooperation with the Austrian Society for School and Law (ÖGSR), which focuses on ongoing academic exchange to enrich mutual interdisciplinary and international research.

The Interdisciplinary Society for Comparative and Conflict of Laws (IGKK), located at the Faculty of Law since June 2017, is supported in its research activities
by the Faculty of Law within the framework of an ongoing research cooperation by providing personnel and spatial resources. The IGKK
has set itself the task of launching events and publications on current topics with cross-border implications.