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1st Module | Art Law Basics

→ Art law, international protection of cultural property.
→ Cultural law, protection of historical monuments, private art law, art procedural law.
→ Art auction law
→ Art insurance law
→ Copyright law
→ Art and connoisseurship (art history).
→ Critical art journalism

2nd module | The Art Forgery

→ Original and forgery
→ Role of the art expert
→ Beltracchi from a legal and art historical point of view.
→ Catalogues raisonnés
→ Studio paintings, attribution and determination of value.
→ Forgeries in international jurisprudence
→ Legal issues of conceptual art
→ Digital Art

3rd module | Restitution and Provenance Research

→ Restitution and Provenance Research
→ National and International Jurisdiction
→ Private restitution
→ The Commission for Provenance Research in Austria and Germany.
→ International arbitration law, the battle for the ‘Golden Adele’.
→ Washington Principles
→ Restitution of colonial property

4th module | Art and Economics: focus on museology

→ Legal issues of art museums
→ contextual archaeology
→ Loan of works of art
→ Free escort of works of art
→ Sale of museum property
→ Cultural property in customs law
→ Tax law in art law
→ Art insurance and restoration
→ Dealing with colonial goods: protection and care
→ Restoration
→ Art law and artificial intelligence

5th Module | International Conventions and Jurisprudence: Focus on World Cultural Heritage

→ International Conventions: UNESCO, UNIDROIT and EU law.
→ World cultural and natural heritage
→ Archaeological cultural property
→ Monument protection and preservation
→ Ensemble protection
→ German Cultural Property Protection Act
→ Austrian Cultural Property Restitution Act

6th module | Music, Theatre and Photography as a Question of Art Law

→ Copyright law: focus on music, theater and photography
→ artistic freedom
→ IT law
→ Legal issues of photography
→ Music and theater as a question of law
→ Director’s theater
→ Opera as a business
→ Plagiarism and self-citation in music
→ Musical concept of work
→ Festival

Scientific Direction Gerte Reichelt
Research Society Art & Law
Faculty of Law
Schottenbastei 10 – 16, 1010 Vienna


Julia Hargitai, B.A.