Name of the degree programme
Bachelor Professional Municipal Law and Municipal Management
Study programme according to § 10a PrivHG
Academic degree
Bachelor Professional (BPr)
Scientific Classification
Target group
(Prospective) employees in the municipalities and in municipal companies; a university entrance qualification, e.g. a school-leaving certificate (“Matura”), is not a mandatory admission requirement
Admission requirements
Either a relevant professional qualification or several years of relevant professional experience
Minimum duration of study
6 semester
Form of study
Part-time with courses primarily online, partly blocked attendance phases on weekends
180 ECTS (30 per semester)
Minimum number of students
20 study places / year
Planned start
October 2024 (subject to internal approval and reaching a minimum number of participants)
Tuition fees
EUR 5,500 per semester
Teaching language
Contact and registration

Modern local government has to answer to increasingly complex challenges and is faced with specific legal questions. It is therefore essential for managers of municipalities and outsourced organisations under municipal ownership to have a profound knowledge of the legal basics relevant to their day-to-day practice. In addition, they should have knowledge of business administration as well as soft skills such as team leadership and conflict resolution.

The Bachelor Professional Municipal Law and Municipal Management, which is offered in cooperation with the KDZ – Centre for Public Administration Research, imparts legal knowledge as well as skills in leadership, organisational development and human resources, which are tailored to the specific needs at municipal level.

The Bachelor Professional is not only beneficial for graduates’ careers, but also offers municipalities added value by supporting strategic personnel development. For current or future employees in the municipal sector, the degree programme enables them to pursue a career path that requires a university degree with the appropriate professional experience, even without a school-leaving certificate (“Matura”) or university entrance qualification.

Admission requirements

Either a relevant formal professional qualification or several years of relevant professional experience

Admission requirements

Admission procedure

Procedure of the admission process

Step 1: Please click on the “Apply online” button at the top of this page
Step 2: Please register, complete the online forms and upload the required documents.

  • Letter of motivation (approximately half a DIN A4 page)
  • Copy of passport or identity card (official photo ID)
  • Birth certificate
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Proof of relevant formal professional qualification or proof of several years of relevant professional experience (e.g. references, appraisals)

Step 3: Invitation to an admission interview

Step 4: Signing the contract  

An official confirmation of admission can only be issued once the study contract has been signed.

Registration deadline

Registration deadline: 1 September 2024 (we recommend registering early!)

Start of the courses 2 October 2024

Programme structure and content

1st semester

  • State and Local Government from a historical, philosophical and theoretical perspective
  • Introduction to legal thinking and working
  • Constitutional Law I: Constitutional principles, state organisation and distribution of competences*
  • Civil Law for Public Administration I: Civil Law Methodology, General Section of Civil Law, General Section of the Law of Obligations*
  • Introduction to economics
  • Introduction to business administration
  • Introduction to social psychology

2nd semester

  • Constitutional Law II: Fundamental Rights*
  • Basics of electoral law
  • Municipal law I
  • Civil Law for Public Administration II: Contractual Obligations*
  • Public Finance I: Introduction to the Law of Public Finance: Fundamentals and principles, fiscal equalisation and tax determination law
  • Basic concepts of the sociology of law
  • Fundamentals of Accounting I
  • Basics of communication science and dialogue management

3rd semester

  • General administrative law I: Fundamentals of substantive administrative law, administrative organisation and forms of action*
  • Overview of the requirements under international and European law for the actions of the administration
  • Municipal law II
  • Basic principles of public service law
  • Introduction to the law of services of general interest I
  • Civil law for public administration III: Non-contractual obligations*
  • Company law for public administration and interfaces with the internal organisation of public administration
  • Public Finance II: Budget and Cash Law
  • Accounting II

4th semester

  • General Administrative Law II: Public-law contracts, arbitration and sovereign action, standardisation by the administration, private-law action by the administration, administrative enforcement, public property and facilities, road law, liability of the state and municipalities*.
  • State, municipal and public-sector companies, outsourcing and privatisation, public-private partnerships, warranty obligations
  • Administrative procedural law
  • Judicial criminal law for public administration: Liability of municipal employees and the municipality
  • Administrative criminal law
  • Current issues of general administrative law
  • Planning and plans (project development, financial planning, strategic and spatial planning)
  • Introduction to the law of services of general interest II
  • Civil law for public administration IV: Property law
  • Public Finance III: Municipal Tax Law

5th semester

  • Civil Law for Public Administration V: Introduction to Family and Inheritance Law
  • Data protection law for public administration
  • Spatial development, building and planning law I*
  • Introduction to environmental law
  • Public commercial law
  • Introduction to child and youth welfare law
  • Current issues of special administrative law
  • Writing workshop notices and pleadings in administrative court proceedings
  • Writing workshop Statutes and other administrative law standards
  • Negotiation psychology
  • Psychological crisis intervention

6th semester

  • Spatial development, building and planning law II
  • Introduction to social benefits law
  • Elective subject: integration administration law, citizenship, migration and asylum law/school law, childcare law, law of retirement and nursing homes/civil protection and crisis management
  • Smart cities and sustainability
  • Leadership and team dynamics
  • Bachelor-specific seminar
  • Bachelor thesis
  • Final oral examination

*plus tutorial


The programme is designed to enable students to understand and apply the law relevant to cities and municipalities in Austria. To this end, they are taught the necessary basics of the law in its national, European and international dimensions as well as the relevant economic and political context and its philosophical, historical and social foundations.

The programme also provides students with basic knowledge and skills in the area of psychosocial competences. Students learn how conflicts should be resolved, how team dynamics can be analysed and harnessed and how intercultural barriers can be overcome.

Occupational fields and career opportunities

Completion of the degree programme provides a sound academic education in the areas of municipal law and municipal management. Graduates are thus particularly qualified for managerial and responsible positions in municipal administration and public companies.

Tuition fees

Costs: EUR 5.500,- per semester

Account details

Sigmund Freud Privatuniversität Wien GmbH
IBAN: AT86 1813 0310 0096 0007


Contact: Teresa Weber, M.Sc.
Programme Director Bachelor Professional Municipal Law and Municipal Management 

StudyServiceCentre of the Faculty of Law
Lassallestraße 3, 6th floor,
A – 1020 Vienna
Tel: 0043 1 4700 104

The KDZ-Zentrum für Verwaltungsforschung functions as cooperation partner for the Bachelor Professional Municipal Law and Management. The KDZ is a research, consulting and further education institute for cities and municipalities.