Bachelor Programme Law

The bachelor’s degree (LL.B.) enables a quick career entry compared to traditional study programmes. Graduates are qualified for legal jobs in finance and insurance, public service, social insurance, advocacy, non-governmental organizations (NGO) non-profit organizations, etc.
Therefore, graduates of the Bachelor of Law programme can be expected to be highly qualified to enter qualified employment. For access to classical legal professions (lawyer, notary, etc.), a subsequent master’s programme ( duration 4 sem., degree LL. M.) must be completed. 
(Is currently only offered in German)

Master Programme Law

Law graduates of SFU have access to the classical, regulated professions of lawyer, judge, prosecutor and notary just like graduates of state universities.
The master’s programme has a strong international orientation. The subjects of the Bachelor’s programme are deepened (duration 4 sem., degree LL. M.).
(Is currently only offered in German)