Mission Statement of the SFU Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law of Sigmund Freud Private University strives for the highest academic quality in both teaching and research. The range of studies offered enables students to acquire the knowledge and practical skills needed to participate both in the practical application and in the advancement of law in civic society, government and business. A profound academic education and training point the way to mastering the challenges of legal life in the present and the future: information, practicability, knowledge networking, interdisciplinarity, digitalisation, communication, internationality, diversity and tolerance are goals and strategies that determine the orientation of science-led and practice-relevant legal studies as well as legal research.
The research and teaching of national, European and international law as well as comparative law are at the centre of the faculty’s professional orientation. In addition, there are interdisciplinary additions in the form of economics, political science, sociology, negotiation and leadership techniques, mediation and the history of ideas in law. In keeping with the plurality of approaches and perspectives, special emphasis is placed on precise terminology and profound methodology. Reflection, discourse skills, cultivation of critical thinking, cooperative teaching and learning are parts of the didactic concept of the program as well as the foundation of research in law.
The Faculty ensures permanent and comprehensive quality assurance, continuing education, promotion of young professionals, transfer of legal expertise to society (“third mission”) and further development of its academic profile. This currently includes work on the establishment of a doctoral program in law.