About the Institute

The Institute for European and International Higher Education Law and Educational Management at Sigmund Freud University Vienna was founded on April 1st, 2017. The Institute, whose directors are Diana zu Hohenlohe-Oehringen, a legal scholar, and Dirk Naumann zu Grünberg, a lawyer specializing in higher education law is financed by foundation funds. The Institute’s mission is to shed light on the legal framework for European and international science and to contribute to its further development in the interest of a free and open scientific discourse.

The Institute is multilingual and aims to bundle global networking in the field of science management in the city of Vienna. It envisions itself as a point of contact for governmental, European and international authorities, for science organizations as well as for public and private universities and other research institutions from Austria and abroad that wish to act transnationally and are planning cross-border cooperation and branch offices. The Institute is engaged in research and teaching on national, comparative, European and international higher education law and education management. It organizes a summer school, continuing education events and regular conferences on current problems in higher education law. It publishes a journal on higher education law in both German and English with the HRZ, as well as a research paper series.

Chair of Higher Education Law

The Chair of Higher Education Law is affiliated with the Institute for European and International Higher Education Law and Educational Management at Sigmund Freud University Vienna. The chair is associated with the management of this institute. The chair is dedicated to the legal framework for the activities of public and private universities as well as other research institutions in a European, international and comparative perspective. The focus is on the fact that science benefits from and is driven by an exchange that leaves behind the borders of nation states. This exchange encompasses scientific knowledge as well as administrative know-how, students and personnel from both the scientific and the science administration sectors.

institute management

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Diana zu Hohenlohe, LL.M.

Hon.-Prof. Dirk Naumann zu Grünberg



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